MavCast Show Notes

  • 00:00  Music: fade in.
  • 00:13  Introduction with names and a thank you to our guest: Kerry Diekmann.
  • 00:27  Discussion of Kerry’s position on the National Student Advisory Council for the American Association of University Women.
  • 02:01  Discussion of the opportunities provided by involvement with the AAUW.
  • 03:29  Future plans/events at MSU related to the council position.
  • 04:35  Fighting gender inequality in the workplace.
  • 05:11  Kerry’s reasons for pursuing the council position.
  • 05:50  Origin of Kerry’s passion for women’s issues and fighting gender inequality.
  • 07:02  Discussion of National Conference for College Women Student Leaders in June in Washington, D.C.
  • 08:13  Kerry’s overall goals for work with the council and the Women’s Center.
  • 08:59  Reaction to being named to the council and when she received the news.
  • 09:35  Kerry’s future goals/plans.
  • 10:03  Thank you to the guest and our audience for listening.
  • 10:08  Music: fade out.
  • 10:20  End of podcast.

About Dan Boettcher

I am a journalism student at Minnesota State University, Mankato. I'm hoping to graduate in May of this year and hopefully find a job in the Twin Cities area. I'd appreciate any feedback from professionals who read my blog, especially those in the journalism or public relations' field.
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